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Extend the life of Telnet by making the screens look modern and more productive.  Reduce data entry errors with custom on screen keypads.   Wavelink’s Velocity allows All Touch Mobile Computers to make telnet modern.

All Touch Telnet

Click the video below to see how Joe determined all touch telnet was right for his business.

That’s right, our manufacturing partner, Zebra Technologies has replaced those hard-to-read green screens with cumbersome keyboards with easy-on-the-eyes modern screens that provide key options that are only relevant to the current screen. This alone reduces input errors by up to 60%.

And this is just the beginning… We’ve made this new technology affordable for companies large and small with our flexible payment options and manufacturer trade-in programs.
All Touch Mobile Screen

If you’re like the other inventory and asset tracking managers, you need all of the powerful tools you can get to…

Zebra TC75 All Touch Mobile Computer
  • Outdated Telnet mobile computers that need constant repair, but are no longer supported by manufacterers?
  • Slow, key-based green screen computers that waster time and are error-prone?
  • Frustrating, obsolete wireless networks that provide spotty coverage and are a security risk?
  • Lengthly IT development cycles that delay near term gains and are very costly

And it doesn’t matter if you’re…

Zebra TC8000
  • Starting from scratch, and not sure what you need
  • Replacing outdated, non-mobility friendly system
  • Have from 50 employees up to 50,000, or more
  • Looking for printers, scanners, labels, software and/or accessories
  • In need of customized inventory control software solutions or business process consulting
  • A manufacturer, warehouse distribution center, retailer, healthcare provider

In other words, we’ve got your barcode needs covered.

You see, for over 16 years Scan Texas has provided US businesses and organizations with state-of-the-art mobile computing equipment, software, repairs and systems that have allowed them to work more efficiently and effectively and keep pace with their ever-growing competitors. Our world-class team of engineers and technicians, as well as our equipment partners, mean that we’re the only RFID, barcoding, mobile computing and wireless systems company our clients will ever need! In other words, we do it all.  

Our Products

Zebra ZT410

Barcode Printers

Barcode Printers  – Barcode printers are available for a wide range of applications, from on-demand label printing to batch-report printing. Printing technologies used include direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser, and dot matrix for label generation and report printing. Zebra, Intermec, and Datamax manufacture our barcode printers. Read more

Zebra labelsBarcode Labeling

Barcode Labels. ScanTexas provides a complete product line of barcode and RFID labeling solutions to fit the item being labeled. This ranges from paper shipping labels to permanent labels for product identification. Read more

Zebra DS3608 Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS3608 Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners  – Our scanners are available for a wide range of applications, including handheld and fixed scanners, and 1D or 1D/2d handhelds. Read more

Zebra TC8000

Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer With Barcode Scanning

Rugged Mobile Computers with Barcode Scanning. ScanTexas provides a complete product line of mobile computing solutions, including revolutionary new all touch models.  Many different and unique form factors are available depending upon your requirement. Read more

Revolutionary new all touch telnet solutions telnet applications 10-20% more productive – Read more

New High Speed Wireless Solutions provide your business faster transaction speed to increase productivity – Read more

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