ScanTexas Label Printing Software Solutions

ScanTexas provides a complete product line of barcode and RFID labeling solutions to fit the item being labeled. This ranges from paper shipping labels to permanent labels for product identification. Many types of media are available depending upon the item to be labeled as well as the environment the label must withstand.


NiceLabel barcode label design software provides a powerful PC based label design software tool to easily implement powerful barcode and RFID labeling systems. Click on the above link for more information, or to download a fully functional demo.

ScanTexas partners with Zebra Technologies to provide the highest performance, highest reliabililty label printing solutions available today.

Why Choose Genuine Zebra Supplies?

There are thousands of different types of thermal media available, but Zebra’s labels, tags, wristbands, and ribbons are specifically engineered to optimize performance with Zebra printers. Like Zebra printers, genuine Zebra supplies are made to a higher standard to deliver consistent quality and performance.

  • We make genuine Zebra supplies exclusively for Zebra printers.
  • All materials are tested and approved by Zebra’s Supplies research and development staff to provide optimal performance in Zebra printers.
  • We offer a wide range of materials to support the many applications of Zebra printers.
  • Our ZipShipSM program offers you immediate shipment on a large selection of stock labels, tags, wristbands, and ribbons, for Zebra tabletop, desktop, and mobile printers.
  • With genuine Zebra supplies, you’ll minimize wear and tear on your printhead, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Our Quality Management System, which is registered to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2000 standard, ensures you’ll always receive consistent, quality products.
  • Have a new or unique application? We’ll find the best solution through our dedicated R&D capabilities.
  • Multiple locations provide manufacturing redundancy.
Zebra Labels Zebra_Ribbon Zebra_Medical_Wrisbands_HC100
Zebra Labels Zebra Ribbon Zebra Medical Wristbands


For a Supplies Selector guide:

For more information on Zebra Supplies:

To search for media solutions by application, label/tag type, please use the following Zebra media selector tool:

For Zebra’s Media Selector Guide in PDF format:

ScanTexas also provides preprinted barcode labels upon customer request. This is typically a customer needing warehouse location labels or a specific run of serialized labels.

  • permanent labels
  • polyester labels