Warehouse Mobile Computing Technology Refresh

Aging equipment can result in declining productivity, down-time and increasing repair costs. Updating older batch data collection systems to wireless solutions, and upgrading older wireless systems to current technology can help to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase data security
  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease shipping errors
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Wireless capabilities have become mission-critical in such warehouse applications such as shipping, receiving, put away,picking, and inventory. By partnering with leading wireless technology manufactures, Zebra Technologies and Motorola, ScanTexas can streamline your warehouse operations and bring older wireless networks up to current standards.. As your current equipment ages, productivity is hurt due to equipment failures, and high repair costs are accelerating. Meanwhile, wireless security issues require new protocols old equipment will not support.

Most shipping processes require a label on each box for the product to be shipped. No label, no revenue. New Zebra printers are more reliable and faster then ever, increasing productivity high on the shipping dock. Improved mobile printing technologies reduce the number of footsteps required in such processes as putaway and shipping. Zebra also provides emulations for both Intermec and Datamax printer control languages.

Take advantage of our trade in programs to maximize your investment in old technology as you migrate to the newer technology you know you need.

Contact ScanTexas to find out how a technology refresh could provide your business a more productive mobile warehouse experience. Our industry experts can easily demonstrate the latest Motorola mobile computers live on your network using your existing telnet connection.

For a limited time, trade-in programs are available to make migrating to the newest technologies more affordable. Click on Go Zebra09 links for more details.


Why upgrade to the newest technologies? The following feature set provides the increased productivity benefits you need to reduce unit labor cost and be more profitable:

  • Faster radio technology increases data transmission rates
  • Improved scanning technology reduces scanning times
  • Faster computing technology speeds up transactions
  • Color displays allow operators to see data more quickly
  • Greater equipment uptime with service plans
  • More rugged, more reliable designs deliver greater uptime
  • Wearable computers free operator’s hands for product handling
  • New generation of management software provides remote monitoring and control as well as rapid deployment
  • New wireless infrastructure solutions provide the new wireless security levels you need to protect your company
  • Custom and stock labels in a variety of sizes provide crisp, easy-to-scan barcodes.mcl-cross-platform-software-tools
  • Create, integrate, and deploy enterprise mobile worker applications quickly and easily for any purpose, in any industry-retail, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, transportation and logistics, government, healthcare, field service, and more.MCL-Collection is an intuitive, high-productivity development and deployment environment. It is open-standards based for mobile computer cross-manufacturer, cross-platform compatibility, and completely integrated for seamless integration from mobile computer to host application.