Zebra RFD90 Rugged RFID Sled

Zebra RFD90 RFID Sled

Help your customers keep their supply chains moving and track more assets and inventory with our effective and dependable RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds. Built to perform reliably in a wide range of demanding environments, the Zebra RFD90 RFID Sled is designed for future-proof adaptability and provides wireless connectivity to simplify management and extend usability. […]

Nicole Alyn Paramedic

Nicole Alyn finishes Paramedic School!

Mark and Mary Alyn are very excited to announce Nicole has graduated in class 32 from Collin Paramedic School! She joins the ranks of the first responders we all depend on in emergencies, and we could not be more proud. Even more special was that my Mom Irene, the first nurse in the family, and […]