Zebra Printer Repair Money Saving Ideas

Mark Alyn of ScanTexas talks about how ScanTexas helped a large well known tire manufacturer verify that printer repair operations are conducted properly. Ensuring printer uptime contributes directly to the bottom line by ensuring printers are ready to ship labels. Savings were obtained by taking unused printers off of maintenance, and getting money back from […]

Zebra Device Tracking

When mobile devices go missing, there’s more at stake than misplaced equipment. Companies risk productivity loss, decreased efficiency, unnecessary labor and ineffective customer service. The larger the facility, the faster operations can stall as employers and managers scramble to track down missing devices. Eliminate the hassle of time-consuming searches with Zebra Device Tracker, a full-scale, […]

At Ford, Quality is Now Problem Number One

As an owner of a Ford Expedition that has been in the shop over 3 months waiting on parts and recall parts, I share the frustration that Ford has with over 6,000,000 recalls this year.  That has them with more recalls than the next 4 offenders on the list put together.  What will Ford do […]

ScanTexas FIS

This video describes how ScanTexas can help you improve quality manufacturing and distribution processes with Zebra fixed industrial scanning solutions. These solutions not only scan barcodes but apply machine vision tools to verify manufacturing quality. Email Mark@scantexas.com for more info.