ScanTexas Celebrates Linda Allen’s Retirement at the End of this Month!

We had a fantastic dinner to celebrate Linda Allen’s retirement recently at Davios in Frisco, Texas. After 37 years in the barcode industry, she is retiring and we wish her the best. ScanTexas now only has 125 years of experience collectively integrating barcode/RFID solutions. While we were eating, the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile drove by […]

Zebra Environmental Sensors

Now customers can easily gain visibility into the factors impacting each of their products across the supply chain. Along with providing insight into product quality, care and viability, Zebra also offers comprehensive solutions to identify and act on products that have exceeded their exposure parameters—driving smarter business decisions, reduced waste and increased efficiency. Click the […]

CSCMP Report on Logistics 2022

Disruptions in all logistics networks effectively destroyed capacity, as ships loitered at ports; equipment waited to be unloaded; and trucks rushed out half-empty, dashing off to the next high-paying load with little regard for backhauls. Highlights that Corey Sharek from ScanTexas found interesting: United States business logistics costs (USBLC) rose by 22.4 percent and came […]