How RFID Saves You Money as the Technology has Evolved

What type of improvements have we seen in RFID technology in the past few years? In the video above, you’ll learn more about RFID and its improvements throughout the past years and how it’s used to help your company. Click the image above or the social icon below to learn more about RFID solutions.

RFID for Tool Tracking

What is a RFID Tool Tracker? Xerafy has developed a unique range of rugged RFID tagging solutions, built on overcoming several challenges of traditional RFID technology relating to Tool Management when it comes to metal interference, harsh environments, and long-range read distance requirements. Benefits of RFID for Tool Tracking: FOD Prevention: Locate lost tools by […]

Xerafy RFID Rugged Tags

What assets does the RFID system track? Start with the type of assets to be tracked and the materials they are made of: Metal tagging is the most common use case in industrial systems alongside plastics. Other materials include wood, glass, cardboard, and so on. RFID tags are typically applied to the surface of the […]