ScanTexas supports military families through Operation Homefront

Since 2002, Operation Homefront has been proudly serving America’s military families. Our organization provides relief and recurring family support programs and services throughout the year to help military families overcome short-term difficulties so they don’t become long-term hardships. Operation Homefront has consistently earned high ratings from leading charity rating services, including Charity Navigator, which gave Operation Homefront 4 Stars for […]

RFID4U Software Solutions

ScanTexas is partnering with RFID4U to provide a complete set of RFID solutions. These solutions range from an RFID starter kit focused on inventory, progressing up to Enterprise solutions to automate numerous business processes such as shipping. Are you interested in cutting your inventory time by 60% to 90%?  Are you interested in error free shipping at […]

Zebra WT5400 & WT6400 Wearable Computers

The WT6400 is the latest breakthrough in Zebra’s wearable computer portfolio, packed with innovations that enable unmatched productivity increases in hands-free computing workflows. The WT6400 brings a new level of comfort, flexibility and ease of use to workers picking orders, sorting goods and managing inventory in the warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing plant. The WT5400 […]

Helpers and Hindrances in Automating the Supply Chain

The labor shortage has impacted nearly every industry, especially within the supply chain, where open warehousing and transportation positions are going largely unfilled. This, coupled with interruptions in the supply chain and an increased demand for direct-to-consumer commerce channels, is driving the need for automation innovation. However, concerns about budget and return on investment, as […]

How RFID Gives Small to Medium Sized Businesses a Huge Advantage

If you’re a small- to medium-sized business in warehousing, manufacturing or logistics, you’re probably facing some major challenges right now. Rising labor costs, labor shortages, growing customer demand and the need for more efficiency are creating increased pressure on smaller businesses. And, if you’re like most companies, you don’t have the resources to just spend […]

Applied Materials uses RFID to Better Track Assets

Applied Materials Inc. faced significant challenges in tracking assets, such as targets, electrostatic-chucks, and power supplies, valued in the tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Applied Materials adopted a hybrid system comprising passive RFID tags and a Wi‑Fi‑based Real-Time Location System (RTLS) provided by Tagit Solutions. This integrated technology aimed to streamline asset tracking, enhance calibration compliance, […]