Zebra Device Tracker

Your mobile devices are crucial for your business success. When they go missing, you risk productivity loss, decreased efficiency, unnecessary labor and ineffective customer service. Ultimately, your devices are only as valuable as their availability. That’s where Zebra Device Tracker comes in. Device Tracker makes it easy to keep track of all your Zebra mobile computers, tablets and wearables, so that your teams are always ready to go when they are needed.

Zebra MP72 Series Multi-Plane Scanner and Scale

In an age of endless shopping choices, customers expect to get in and out of stores quickly, with a choice of how they shop. Set a new standard for checkout convenience with the MP72 Series Multi-Plane Scanner/Scale. As Zebra’s latest bioptic scanner, the MP72 Series delivers the fastest checkout performance yet — with premium scanning speeds and an ease of use that ensures every customer enjoys a swift and seamless experience. Innovative features include an optional color camera that enables computer vision applications and helps minimize shrink, so you can optimize your workforce and provide customers with convenient self-checkout options without hurting your bottom line. A smart investment, the MP72 Series makes it easy and cost-effective to modernize your checkout with low energy consumption, superior uptime and easy integration with existing infrastructure.

StageNow for Zebra Android Mobile Computers

StageNow is Zebra Technologies’ next generation staging solution for Zebra Android Mobile Devices. Staging is top of mind for our customers and partners as it is the initial process by which devices are taken out of the box and prepared for production use. Staging enterprise mobile devices can be done manually which is error prone and time consuming. Custom solutions are also used but are often not supported or forward compatible with newer devices. Zebra Technologies’ Tier 1 MDM products can also be used to stage and manage Mobile Devices; however, these powerful tools come with a price tag. StageNow is not only free of charge but also helps eliminate deployment barriers that add additional IT complexity, time, and costs.

GoZebra Trade In

Staying one step ahead takes mobile computers and tablets that are ahead of their class in intelligence. Smart enough to shave workloads and sharpen decision-making. Ones made for the daily grind that won’t come to a grinding halt. That’s how you put answers at your workers’ fingertips and time on their side. See how eligible Zebra mobile computers and tablets move the performance needle.