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3 Keys to Accelerating ROI from Your Technology Investments

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No business leader puts money into technology without expecting a net benefit to the organization. Whether it’s mobile computers, barcoding technology, or industrial printers, every time you invest in technology, you’re expecting to earn the cost back and show a positive return on investment (ROI). And, most of the time, you want to achieve a positive ROI as quickly as possible.

Here are things to focus on to help you minimize time-to-value in your technology investments.
Choose the right partner
Your technology partner must have the expertise needed to deliver effective solutions.  Don’t forget to look for indications that a potential partner’s team has a focus on solutions that produce results quickly. And that doesn’t just mean getting to deployment faster (though that’s part of the equation). They need to demonstrate a commitment to solutions that make an immediate and lasting impact on your bottom line.

Build the right team
Before you spend a penny on hardware or software, invest time to make sure you have the right people on your project management team. At a minimum, your team should include stakeholders who know exactly what workflows you can change to deliver results quickly. And don’t overlook the importance of having people on your team who can ensure that you can sustain your results, which might involve outside support if your in-house resources are limited.

Focus on User Adoption
Even the best technology solutions will fail to deliver expected results if users are slow to adopt new tools. This means committing the right resources to training. Don’t assume that users will pick things up on the fly. That’s a recipe for failure. Instead, put someone in charge of tailoring a training program to your users and workflows well before deployment occurs.
With these simple steps, you’ll be positioned to ensure your technology investments deliver results rapidly and reach positive ROI as fast as possible.

If you’re looking for technology solutions that will help you reduce costs and gain more visibility and control of your operations, contact ScanTexas today. From barcode technology, printers, and mobile computers to RFID and wireless networking, we deliver results fast.