4 Unique Ways to Use Soti Geofencing Technology

Geofencing technology, available in SOTI MobiControl – part of the SOTI ONE Platform – is a great way to track the physical location of your devices in the field and to control what they can or can’t do based on where they are. SOTI MobiControl utilizes polygonal geofencing; meaning you can deploy policies, apps and content based on the precise visual boundaries of any shape. It also uses detailed maps, thus making it easy to create as many geofences in as many locations as required just by clicking and dragging your mouse. Once a geofence is active, it stays that way until you decide to alter or delete it.

1. Stopping Time Theft
“Buddy punching” – the practice of one worker clocking in on behalf of another who is absent or running late – affects 75% of businesses to the cost of $50 billion USD each year. Those aren’t lost wages; they’re stolen wages. And 19% of workers admit to doing it.
Geofencing puts an end to “buddy punching” and time theft. Instead of punching in a physical, paper-based time-card (still used by 38% of all U.S. employees and 58% of Canadian workers), a geofence-enabled device automatically clocks in when it enters a geofence and clocks out when it exits.
2. Securing Corporate Data on Corporate Devices
There is information which, if it ended up in the wrong hands, could prove catastrophic:
Healthcare: A single lost or stolen patient record costs a healthcare organization $429 USD. In the United States between 2009 to 2019, over 230,000,000 medical records were exposed (affecting 70% of the population). Ready for some big-time math? In 10 years, the healthcare industry lost $98,670,000,000 due to unprotected data.
Retail: Approximately 85% of people who log into a retailer’s e-commerce site are hackers using stolen data. Furthermore, if a retailer did experience a data breach, 89% of customers would switch brands and shop somewhere else. Just imagine if you lost 89% of your consumer base virtually overnight. Could your business survive?
3. Educating and Protecting Your Workers
Geofencing technology is being used to educate workers and, for 33% of organizations to proactively increase on-the-job safety. For example:
Operators entering a forklift shed instantly receive a two-minute video on their device reminding them of best practices and safety tips. The end user must watch and acknowledge the video prior to operating a forklift. This promotes on-the-job safety and worker accountability
In the construction industry, geofences are used to sound an alarm on the device when workers come into proximity with hazards such as overhead powerlines or dangerous materials. Geofence technology can also alert supervisors if workers or equipment have crossed a boundary, allowing for a quick response to the situation
Employees for an oil and gas manufacturing company receive a daily checklist when they enter the perimeters of a geofence. Because the organization employs this best practice – and because the workers are required to follow the checklist – workplace injuries dropped by 20% within one year
4. Controlling Expenses
When a driver or agent arrives at the wrong destination in specific industries such as field services or T&L, here is where the biggest unnecessary wastages occur:
Fleet (additional wear-and-tear on a vehicle)
Fuel (using and paying for extra gas)
Time (having to double-back and get on the right road)
Geofencing technology can alert drivers and field technicians when they enter an incorrect location or take an unapproved route and guide them to the right place, thus saving time and money.

Protect What Matters – Devices, Data, Apps and Workers – with Geofencing Technology in SOTI MobiControl

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