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5 Reasons to Invest in Zebra’s New Premium Desktop Printer

Zebra’s new ZD621 premium desktop printer advances the legacy of Zebra’s GX Series and ZD500 printers to set a new benchmark that will boost your team’s productivity, reduce your IT workloads, give you more flexibility, and boost your bottom line.

The ZD621 lineup includes a range of direct-thermal and thermal-transfer printers, including healthcare-specific and RFID models. All feature an innovative new architecture and faster processor that increase printer capabilities, making it a great upgrade for just about any application—retail, warehousing, manufacturing, or healthcare.

Zebra’s goal with the ZD621 lineup was to build a faster, more productive printer on a flexible, future-ready platform that can easily be adapted to meet tomorrow’s printer challenges. The result is a premium desktop printer with best-in-class features, outstanding print quality, and no compromises. Here’s a quick look at five reasons to add the ZD621 to your printer fleet.

1. Save time and money with faster label printing.

The new ZD621 sets a new standard for printing speed in Zebra 4-inch printers, reaching an impressive 8 inches per second at 203 dpi, and 6 inches per second at 300 dpi. By accelerating output and printing labels faster than older generation printers, the ZD621 will improve the productivity of virtually any workflow, reducing printer wait times whether you’re printing a single label or running batch processes. Faster output leads directly to higher productivity and more profit on your bottom line.

2. Get connectivity options that give you more flexibility.

The ZD621 platform comes right out of the box with a range of connectivity options that make it easy to put it to work. It also offers a factory or field-installable wireless kit that makes it simple to add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With a full range of connectivity options, it’s easy to adapt the ZD621 as your workflows change. For example, if you need to reconfigure your warehouse or manufacturing operations, the ZD621’s connectivity options allow you to add, relocate, or eliminate workstations on the fly.

3. Reduce errors and boost productivity with on-demand label printing.

Many operations are shifting to scan-print-apply workflows the utilize on-demand printing to reduce errors and boost productivity. To aid with this transition, the ZD621 offers an optional field-installable label dispenser (peeler) and an optional field-installable cutter to help you trim time-consuming steps from your production processes. It’s the perfect tool to help you make the switch to on-demand printing processes that will help you trim precious seconds from your workflows, minimize errors, and complete more work in less time.

4. Simplify IT roles with faster, easier deployment and remote management.

IT teams never have time to spare on complicated installs and printer management, so the new ZD621 lineup has been engineered for easy deployment and remote management. Bluetooth Low Energy 5 is included onboard for easy setup with Zebra’s printer setup mobile app. It also supports Zebra’s Print DNA software suite, which can let your vendor remotely manage and optimize the printer and remotely track supplies usage. The result is faster deployment and easier management that reduces IT workloads and saves money.

5. Enhance end-point security to protect data and reduce downtime.

End-point security risks are on the rise, even for thermal printers, so Zebra engineered the ZD621 series with PrintSecure to help protect your organization from costly attacks. PrintSecure auto-updates Wi-Fi certificates, encrypts connections and blocks unauthorized use, and gives your IT team the ability to uncover potential vulnerabilities and defend against security attacks before they lead to costly breaches or unexpected downtime.
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