Accuspeech Voice Automation

Keeping pace with today’s warehouse challenges requires new solutions in every area of operations. ScanTexas, AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra are focused on solving these challenges with new solutions that boost efficiency, increase accuracy, streamline workflows and drive new levels of profitability.

For 20-plus years, ScanTexas has been a leading provider of state-of-the-art mobile computing, barcoding, RFID and data collection solutions. Offering hardware, software and a full range of support services, ScanTexas is a one-stop resource for warehouse and logistics operations.

AccuSpeechMobile specializes in modern, device-based voice automation solutions. With support for more than 50 languages, AccuSpeechMobile solutions streamline workflows in warehouse, distribution, field services and enterprise asset management applications.

From industry-leading barcode technology and rugged mobile computers to machine vision systems and autonomous mobile robots, Zebra’s solutions are employed in manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers all around the globe.

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