ScanTexas provides a complete set of asset tracking software solutions customizable to your specific business needs. The solutions range from off the shelf PC based software such as Intellitrack or Redbeam, to custom developed asset tracking applications.


IntelliTrack Fixed Assets tracking software provides an efficient, cost-effective method to track fixed asset inventories of capital equipment, computers and furniture, and to calculate depreciation. IntelliTrack Fixed Assets allows the user to label each asset with a unique barcode, and track over thirty descriptors, including serial number, cost, purchase date, and date received. IntelliTrack Fixed Assets software can also track the maintenance status of capital assets. Asset data is collected with an easy-to-use handheld portable data assistant (PDA) or a portable data collection terminal (PDTs) with barcode or RFID scanner.

The Intellitrack series of software solutions include other application specific functionality such as warehouse management, QuickBooks inventory plugin, checkin/checkout, package tracking, RFID Compliance, picking, and others.

Custom asset tracking applications can be developed in a Windows .NET programming environment, or created in an application generator.

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Please consult your ScanTexas representative to determine what approach fits your specific needs for asset tracking.