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ScanTexas is now StayLinked Certified

Scan Texas Is Staylink Certified

ScanTexas is now StayLinked Certified StayLinked is proud to announce that ScanTexas is now StayLinked Certified. With StayLinked Certification, ScanTexas has further strengthened their ability to provide migration and modernization services for enterprise warehouse environments. The Lucas, Texas-based company works with companies in Texas and surrounding states to achieve the next level of mobile productivity with their “Ditch the Keys, Double Your…

New Developments in Data Capture

New Developments In Data Capture

  New Developments in Data Capture Can Benefit Your Business As we’ve seen with other technologies in recent years, data capture is undergoing a major revolution. There were once limits on how much data we could store in a barcode and how we could access it, but new barcoding and scanning technologies allow businesses to…

New Warehouse Device Enables 14% More Worker Productivity

Scan Texas TC8000 Enables 14% More Worker Productivity

Warehouses around the country are struggling with labor shortages at a time when productivity demands have been increasing for years. It can seem like an impossible task to figure out how to get more out of your workforce when you can’t hire enough additional resources to scale up your operations. But this is where technology…

Long Range Barcode Scanners

Long Range Barcode Scanner

5 Reasons to Consider Switching to Long-Range Barcode Scanners   If you’re involved in any kind of inventory or order fulfillment operation these days, you’re probably feeling the effects of an unwritten rule: technology always advances, but so do the demands for better business performance. A good case in point is barcode technology. Barcodes and…

Top “Regional Velocity/All Touch TE Integration Partner” for the year.

ScanTexas Logo

Ivanti Names Scan Texas 2019 Supply Chain Partner of the Year. Ivanti, headquartered in Salt Lake City, provides software solutions to enterprise IT departments looking to leverage modern technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain to improve delivery without modifying backend systems. Ivanti presented the award of top “Regional Velocity/All Touch TE Integration…

ScanTexas Grapevine Roadshow Presentation

Scan Texas Client Event In Grapevine Texas

ScanTexas had a great turnout (48 people) for their Grapevine Roadshow Presentation on May 22, 2018 in Grapevine Texas – their most successful event ever. Those who attended the presentation learned how to update their aging hardware and software systems to meet the latest technology changes while enjoying plenty of food and drink. To learn…

All Touch Mobility Event – Billy Bobs In Fort Worth Tx

Fort Worth Event at Billy Bobs

ScanTexas recently held a customer focused event at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.  The event showcased the latest in all touch mobility for warehouses as well as latest advances in wireless technology.  Here is the ScanTexas team having fun at the event.”

Catching A Big One

Scan Texas

One of my passions in life is fishing.  I was able to take some time off to visit Northern Pennsylvania where I caught this beauty.  Not only was he fun to catch but dinner that night was incredible. Yes, we all work hard but it’s important to take a little time off to renew and…