A.R.K. Ramos manufactures cast aluminum, brass, and bronze letters and plaques. A.R.K. Ramos also produces cut graphics, and reverse channel letters in a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. A.R.K. Ramos is located in Oklahoma City and have been serving the Oklahoma and national sign markets for almost sixty years. ScanTexas installed Motorola P360 batch data collection terminals with a custom MCL Phaser Edition program along with creating a custom Excel macro that would allow them to integrate WIP data collected by the P360’s directly into the customer’s Excel spreadsheet for production tracking.

America’s Auto Auction is America’s fastest growing automotive auction with 7 locations currently. The MC9090G/MC9190G mobile computer is used to help track the vehicles that are sold at auction (i.e. registration process, tracking existing inventory, etc). The use of barcode and wireless technology is key to providing a complete customer experience for customers in a timely and accurate fashion. ScanTexas helps ensure we have the right equipment in place when we open up a new auction facility, providing excellent customer service and support. ScanTexas has removed our frustration gained working with other Motorola vendors. Motorola comprehensive service plans keep our mobile computers running no matter what we do to them.

Frymaster is a market leader in commercial fryers and the choice of the world’s largest food service chains. The use of barcoding and just in time manufacturing techniques have helped them increase productivity, improve order and inventory accuracy, reduce inventory, & increase inventory turns. The use of mobile computers with barcode scanners and a real time radio link has allowed them to create a paperless environment that has automated the receiving, put away, inventory, picking, and shipping processes. ScanTexas has been a partner to Frymaster for over 12 years now, and has been instrumental in helping us choose the right barcode solutions. The ScanTexas staff is very knowledgeable regarding the barcode hardware/software choices available and has been a true partner in helping Frymaster finding the best solution for our manufacturing applications.

ScanTexas recently helped a nationwide beauty supply store chain implement a state of the art Motorola wireless infrastructure in multiple warehouses around the USA. Motorola’s high performanceWS-5100 wireless switch was installed along with multiple AP300 access port radios. Motorola’s LAN Planner RF design and management software was used to design the RF network and validate the exact quality of service needed to support voice picking with Motorola’s WT4090 wearable computer.

Cinram is the world’s largest provider of pre-recorded optical discs and related logistics services for leading motion picture studios, music labels, publishers and computer software companies. Cinram also provides distribution and logistics services to the telecommunications industry in North America and Europe through its wireless subsidiaries. At the 800,000 square foot Cinram Wireless facility in Fort Worth, Texas, millions of cell phones flow through the facility as they are programmed and shipped to both end user and cell phone carriers.

ScanTexas installed a Motorola high speed wireless network to support Cinram Wireless distribution activities. Four WS-5100 wireless switches were installed in a redundant configuration maximized for high throughput. Fifty Six radio cells (AP300s) were installed to provide continuous 54 Mbps of wireless coverage everywhere. Motorola MC9090 mobile computer and VC5090 vehicle computers are used for warehouse transactions. Barcode labels are printed right on the forklift with Zebra QL420 portable printers. ScanTexas’ use of the LAN Planner RF design software validated that 54 Mbps of coverage is provided everywhere.

ScanTexas has recently used the ScanTexas MatchCode 5000 at several large oil bottling facility in the Gulf Coast area. Our solution allowed the oil facility to sort numerous amounts oil a day without mixing up the oil and putting the wrong oil in the wrong container. Retail customers charge high fines for incorrect product identification, and this matchcode system has saved the bottler potentially heavy fines.Contact ScanTexas for more information on how our barcode verification solutions can improve your production processes.

Microscan QX830

Microscan QX830

Microscan QX870

Microscan QX870

ScanTexas recently installed a rugged mobile computing system expansion for a structural steel manufacturer in the Southwest area. The MC9090 was chosen for its ruggedness, after successful use of MC9060s for over two years. The center picture below with the two MC9060’s on the left hand side, had paint splashed on them but it made no difference in the performance of these mobile units. The MC9000 series mobile computers interface to the customer’s ERP system using Wavelink Studio communications environment. Motorola wireless switching technology was used to provide complete RF coverage on new areas in the plant. Both the WS-2000 and the WS-5100 along with 11 AP300s were used to provide seamless RF coverage in two different buildings some distance apart. Now this customer is using the newer MC92N0/MC9190G units.

ScanTexas recently helped one of the world’s largest beer manufacturers and distributors automate the process of collecting cooler display inventory data. This data is used in a JDA software application called a planogram that determines what cooler product layout will increase sales. ScanTexas developed a barcode wristband with data entry barcodes that greatly speeded up the inventory data collection timeframe to less than half of the time it took with the previous manual process.

Developed a rental car tracking system for a major car rental company that automates the tracking of vehicles in and out of airport car rental parking lots.

Integrated an inventory and restocking system for retail store use for an ice cream and food retail store chain. The system uses a P370 cordless scanner with custom software to collect inventory and product restock information in real time. A custom PC application runs at each of 300 stores collecting and verifying reorder information and inventory data prior to uploading the data to the host system. An MCL application runs on each P370 to provide the data collection prompts.

ScanTexas has provided integration expertise and product support for many, many customers using a combination of barcode scanners, barcode printers, and radio frequency mobile computers for over five years now. These systems automate business processes like receiving, put away, inventory, picking, and shipping.