Looking For Faster, Less Complicated, and More Affordable, Flexible, and Sustainable Cloud-Based Networking For Your Business?

If so, you’re not alone.   And you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s face it… it’s tough out there.

And while business people like you, understand that you need every competitive advantage you can get, you’re already stretched too thin and wearing far too many hats.

Given this, the last thing you need is more stress… especially when it comes to your company’s vitally important wifi network.

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you Zebra’s Azara – the most scalable, flexible, and adaptable cloud-managed networking system on the planet!

Zebra Azara Wireless

And here’s what that means for your company:

  • 99.99% Available and Reliable: Extreme Networks cloud-based infrastructure is hosted in multiple HIPPA & PCI compliant data centers to ensure maximum availability and redundancy. What’s more, out system is monitored for optimal performance 24/7, which means you’ll never have to worry about costly downtimes.
  • State-of-the-art Security: You’ll connect using our highly secure SSL Internet tunnel, so you’ll never have to worry about your network being compromised.
  • Mobility and accessibility, anytime, anywhere: You can manage all of your networks and sites around the clock from one dashboard, using a secure password-protected login and Internet connection.
  • Instant Scalability: Because access point add-ons “happen” in the cloud you don’t need to purchase additional costly and bulky hardware. What’s more, you can expand your system in minutes, not days.
  • Compatibility: Because we utilize the world’s most advanced wireless networks and enterprise-grade access points, you’ll enjoy seamless compatibility with all of your mobile devices on- or off-premise.
  • Affordable, no-surprise pricing. Unlike our competitors, we won’t tie you to any onerous contracts or frustrate you with unexpected expenses. Rather, you’ll be charged an affordable and predictable subscription-based monthly fee. Period.
  • Durability and sustainability: Our highly sophisticated and resilient site network means you’ll never have to worry about service degradation in the event of WAN failures or connectivity loss to the cloud infrastructure.
  • Adaptability: When it comes to cloud-based connectivity, one-size-fits-all approaches seldom work well. That’s why you can choose the SKU that best fits your needs and budget. Here’s what we offer:
  1. Most Affordable AP 7522 – Our least expensive access point option comes complete with the latest high-performance dual radio 802.11ac at an 802.11n price.
  2. High Performance AP 7532: An ideal option if you’re looking for large capacity, highly secure and optimal performance APs.
  3. Specialty AP 7502: Our most compact access is 40% smaller than its nearest competitor, but it still delivers big performance.
  4. Outdoor AP 7562: This is access point is ideal for the harsh outdoor environments and challenging sites.

So why wait any longer to put Extreme Networks wireless solutions to the test?  After all, you’ve got everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Our  Cloud Managed Wireless Products

Zebra AP7532

Wireless Access Points


With a solution for every type of network, organizations of any size can select from our wireless access point portfolio to leverage exceptional features such as mesh networking, versatile radio coverage, and instant deployment.

Designed to reduce the costs of deployment and maintenance, Extreme Networks WLAN access points will ensure security and performance without spending time on constant troubleshooting.

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Zebra Azara WirelessCloud Wireless Solution

Everything on wireless networks starts and ends with access points. Azara delivers the highest quality, availability, and performance with the built-in intelligence of ScanTexas enterprise-class access points. Easy to install, and just as simple to manage, Extreme Networks offers four high-quality access points for your needs: AP7532, AP7522, AP7502, AP7562

-Business-critical deployments that are reliable and offer optimal performance

-Network survivability that is highly resilient

-Support for the intelligent edge, powered by Smart RF technology

-Allows access to the network analytics of Extreme Networks NSight platform

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Christian Gadd

ScanTexas Wireless Design/Installation Services

ScanTexas has a 17 year history of designing, installing, and supporting wireless installations that are high speed and high reliability.  Our team, led by Christian Gadd pictured above, has installed over 20.000 access points for many different customers.  Contact us to find out how we can cost effectivley apply our expertise to your wirelss needs.

Extreme Networks Nsight Wireless Management Solution

Move from sufficient to superior wireless LAN performance with the power of the Extreme Networks NSight platform. Monitor, analyze, troubleshoot, and report with exceptional responsiveness and ease. Learn how optimal connectivity can improve customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

Revolutionary new all touch telnet solutions mscantexas.com/all-touch-mobile-computersakes telnet applications 10-20% more productive – Read more

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