Gartner Selects Zebra as a Leader in Indoor Locationing Technologies

Zebra Technologies is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant. The Zebra MotionWorks Enterprise platform collects data from a diverse set of tags across many frequencies that have been optimized for specific use cases. The platform can be deployed on-premises or in a Zebra-managed cloud. Zebra’s Location and Tracking business operates globally, with a focus on the manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail and healthcare sectors.

Industry knowledge: Zebra has extensive experience of developing new solutions and of integrating technologies that it has acquired.
Cloud-ready APIs: Zebra provides a common set of methods and protocols to use across heterogeneous edge devices, thus enabling cross-compatibility with its edge location sensors.
Data-driven, agile platform: Zebra offers one of the most inclusive tracking platforms, which allows enterprises to select technology based on their business needs.

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