How Much Power is Enough?


In 2020, more businesses discovered the benefit of “cutting the cord” with their electric outlets and putting their devices and workstations on carts fitted with powerful batteries. Mobile Power gave them the benefit of bringing their devices to their work, rather than wasting footsteps and other movement.

Adding Up Your Needs…
Your laptops, monitors and other devices almost always have the key requirements for power on an external label or in their documentation. Adding up the Amperage and Wattage for everything you want on your workstation gives you all you need to understand your total power requirements.
Here is a common example using general averages for common devices you might have on your workstation:

Laptop – will typically require 2-3 Amps and 60 watts for a 14-15 inch screen
27” Monitor – we’ll use 2.5 Amps and 36 watts for a typical example (NOT 4k)
Barcode scanner – these require so little energy as to be almost negligible. Amperage is measured in “Mill-amps” (mA), but have a range for “resting” and “operating”. A typical scanner would not exceed 0.2 Amps while in use.
Thermal Label Printer – the real energy hog of your configuration will almost always be the printer. A desktop industrial label printer would require anywhere from 50 to 250 Watts, depending on when idle or actively printing, and somewhere around 1-3 Amps for desktop industrial printers while printing.

Technology data

With the total draw (in Amps) above ranging from 6-9 Amps, the total amps required for running your workstation for an 8hour shift is simply Amps x 8 = 48-72. A battery that can provide 72 Amp hours (Ah) would be required.