How RFID Can End your Labor Shortages

Businesses across the U.S. are facing one of the toughest labor markets we’ve seen in decades, with labor shortages and rising wages making it tough to find, hire and retain qualified workers.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in warehousing, manufacturing and logistics operations. There are tremendous growth opportunities in these industries because e-commerce and overall product and fulfillment demand have skyrocketed over the past few years. But many companies can’t take advantage of these opportunities because they can’t hire enough workers or can’t afford to pay rising wages.

This is where RFID technology is fast emerging as one of the most timely and effective ways to overcome today’s labor shortages. It’s a smart and proven way to create more productive, efficient and compliant operations without having to hire an army of new workers.

Let’s look at why RFID is so effective at helping companies achieve this and why the time for RFID is now.

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