Microscan Vision Solution holds one of the world’s most robust patent portfolios for machine vision systems technology, including hardware design, software algorithms and machine vision illumination. Our Visionscape® brand of machine vision hardware and software is an industry pioneer, improving automated technical inspection, gauging and measurement capability to the benefit of manufacturers worldwide.

Microscan is in continual development of our Visionscape hardware and software as well as our NERLITE® machine vision lighting products, to ensure we provide cutting edge technology and the most complete offerings for machine vision applications.

Machine Vision Applications
MachineVisionCommonApplicationsMachineVision - Application image 1

  • Inspection
  • Gauging
  • Guidance
  • Identification

Common Applications:

  • Color matching
  • Sub Assembly verification
  • Location & alignment for pick and place
  • Ball grid array inspection
  • Measure solder paste level
  • Robotic guidance
  • Test tube cap and color inspection
  • Quality checking
  • Package integrity

Machine Vision Products & Software

Microscan-Autovision Machine Vision Software available for basic to mid-range visions applications Click for more information
Vision-Mini Vision MINI Smart Camera. Implement robust inspection, color matching, symbol decoding, OCR and more with world’s smallest vision system. Click for more information
Vision-HAWK The Vision HAWK Smart Camera. Flexible smart camera designed for vision users of all experience levels in the toughest industrial environments Click here for more information