Zebra Technologies Printer

New Zebra ZD621 Premium Desktop Printer: A New Standard that Boosts Productivity and Eliminates Label Printing Bottlenecks

Zebra Technologies Printer

Zebra is raising the bar on 4-inch thermal printers again with the unveiling of new ZD421 and ZD621 models that deliver faster printing, easier management, and enhanced security. With a range of direct thermal and thermal-transfer models—including healthcare and RFID models—the new lineup provides a clear upgrade path for anyone looking to eliminate label printing bottlenecks in their operations.

The ZD621 is the flagship of Zebra’s new lineup, offering the best performance and premium features, plus models and options to satisfy nearly any business use case, from manufacturing and distribution to retail or healthcare.

Faster processor increases productivity and boosts ROI.

Whether you’re using a batch process to run labels in bulk or on-demand printing to support a scan-print-apply workflow, the last thing you need is a slow printer that holds up production. The new ZD621 reaches an impressive 8 inches per second at 203 dpi, and 6 inches per second at 300 dpi to reduce wait times and speed up label printing in any workflow.

A new processor is up to 300% faster than the previous generation printers and will deliver a big performance boost across a wide range of applications. The faster performance can be expected to boost label-printing efficiency and speed up associated tasks to deliver more profit to the bottom line of any operation.

The upgraded processor delivers a performance boost that pays immediate dividends, but it also gives users ample power to handle tomorrow’s technology, extending the useful life of the printer far into the future. This future-ready platform will boost the printer’s ROI and push back the need for additional technology investments.

Intuitive interface simplifies operation and decreases support requirements.

Hard-to-use printer interfaces are notorious for their negative impact on productivity, so one of Zebra’s goals with the ZD621 was to streamline and simplify the user interface to make the printer as easy to use as possible. The new printer comes standard with a simple three-button user interface that needs just five LCD icons to guide setup, usage, and troubleshooting. A 4.3-inch color LCD touch display is standard on healthcare and RFID models and is available as an option on other models.

The standard interface requires almost no training time—an easy-to-use menu, step-by-step wizards, and troubleshooting animations make it entirely intuitive, so your workers will reach maximum productivity almost immediately.

The 4.3-inch color LCD touch interface streamlines operation even more by changing color to indicate printer status at a glance. By putting advanced operation capabilities and support at the user’s fingertip, it maximizes productivity by practically eliminating unproductive time spent on setup, operation, and troubleshooting.

Easy setup and management are hallmarks of the Zebra printer lineup, and the ZD621 series continues that tradition. It’s fully integrated into Zebra’s Print DNA software suite, which gives IT teams all the tools needed to easily setup, manage, and troubleshoot printers. Print DNA also supports remote management capabilities that make it easy for you or your printer vendor to monitor printer status and supplies, alerting you to any potential problems so they can be addressed without unexpected downtime.

The Print DNA ecosystem also incorporates Zebra’s PrintSecure technology to give ZD621 printers enterprise-level end-point protection and help your IT team uncover potential vulnerabilities, prevent unauthorized changes, and stop breaches before they happen.

A flexible printing platform that can adapt to future needs

The ZD621 lineup offers a range of factory and field-installable options and accessories that can extend usability far into the future. For example, a field-installable wireless kit can add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability to and ZD621-series printer with just three simple steps. Other options include a field-installable label dispenser (peeler), label cutter, battery, and carrying case.

These options let you adapt the ZD621 to create the perfect label printing platform for today’s needs and for future operations. This will push the need for your next printer upgrade far into the future, allowing you to focus your technology investments on other priorities while the ZD621 hums along for many years.

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