How RFID Saves You Money as the Technology has Evolved

What type of improvements have we seen in RFID technology in the past few years? In the video above, you’ll learn more about RFID and its improvements throughout the past years and how it’s used to help your company. Click the image above or the social icon below to learn more about RFID solutions.

RFID for Tool Tracking

What is a RFID Tool Tracker? Xerafy has developed a unique range of rugged RFID tagging solutions, built on overcoming several challenges of traditional RFID technology relating to Tool Management when it comes to metal interference, harsh environments, and long-range read distance requirements. Benefits of RFID for Tool Tracking: FOD Prevention: Locate lost tools by […]

Xerafy RFID Rugged Tags

What assets does the RFID system track? Start with the type of assets to be tracked and the materials they are made of: Metal tagging is the most common use case in industrial systems alongside plastics. Other materials include wood, glass, cardboard, and so on. RFID tags are typically applied to the surface of the […]

Accuspeech Voice Automation

Keeping pace with today’s warehouse challenges requires new solutions in every area of operations. ScanTexas, AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra are focused on solving these challenges with new solutions that boost efficiency, increase accuracy, streamline workflows and drive new levels of profitability. For 20-plus years, ScanTexas has been a leading provider of state-of-the-art mobile computing, barcoding, RFID […]

New Inside Sales Manager

ScanTexas is pleased to announce the hiring of Stephanie Love as new Inside Sales Manager. Stephanie brings years of experience in similar industries, and will be a great fit for our customers. Once you talk to her, you will quickly know she will get the job done for you. Our customers have enjoyed many years of […]

A One-Day Event on October 26th in Grapevine, TX | Register Now as My Guest

The Texas Warehousing Resource Conference will include all its usual highlights of exhibits, education, networking, and door prizes, all sandwiched into our annual one-day event.  We are dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest trends and innovations in the supply chain industry. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting your journey, this event […]

ET60/ET65 Rugged Enterprise Tablets

When the job calls for a rugged tablet, the ET60/ET65 delivers. Maximize productivity with the business tablets that deliver more features, power, security, ruggedness and versatility. With unmatched flexibility, these tablets can be whatever you need them to be. A tablet, a laptop alternative or even a vehicle mount computer. When it comes to features, […]

The Time Is Now For RFID

The time is now to look at RFID as a key technology to address real world challenges this year. What are you doing to address labor shortages, increased labor costs, regulations requiring more tracking, or the desire to grow your business? Click the social icon below to learn more:

The Role of AI in Warehousing and Distribution

AI is a powerful technology that allows warehouses and distribution centers to simplify and automate various processes. Not sure how AI can apply to your business? Here is a breakdown of the current role of AI in the logistics industry: Click the social icon below to learn more about AI:

How RFID Can End your Labor Shortages

Businesses across the U.S. are facing one of the toughest labor markets we’ve seen in decades, with labor shortages and rising wages making it tough to find, hire and retain qualified workers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in warehousing, manufacturing and logistics operations. There are tremendous growth opportunities in these industries because e-commerce and […]