Pack Bench Fixed Scanning Solutions for Packing Efficiency

Warehouse and e-Commerce operations are facing pressure like never before. Labour shortages, increasing customer demand, and growing expectations for same day or next day deliveries mean frontline packing employees at the sharp end of the pressure need to work harder, faster and smarter. Inefficient packing technology creates bottlenecks in the shipping process – especially during peak periods – impacting customer and employee satisfaction.

The latest packaging technology from Zebra saves valuable seconds on every pack. Zebra’s powerful combination of fixed industrial scanning and linerless print technology allows frontline workers to operate up to 33% faster versus conventional solutions. No more juggling boxes with handheld scanners. No more time spent peeling labels. No more messy trailing media.

A faster, greener packing solution. Zebra provides a unique all-in-one packing solution for modern warehouse environments. A single supplier for all your hardware needs – from fixed scanners to handheld scanners, to desktop printers. Everything you need to implement a faster, greener packing operation.

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