What is PCI DSS Compliance? The Payment Card Industry has set standards for data security to ensure that credit card is as secure as possible to prevent fraud. What this means to you as a mobile computer user is that you need the latest levels of wireless security, such as WPA2 security, the current standard for wireless data encryption and authentication

PCI-ComplianceWho must be PCI Compliant? Any merchant who processes credit cards must comply with the PCI DSS data security standards. For the purposes of the PCI DSS, a merchant is defined as any entity that accepts payment cards bearing the logos of any of the five members of PCI SSC (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard or Visa) as payment for goods and/or services. Note that a merchant that accepts payment cards as payment for goods and/or services can also be a service provider, if the services sold result in storing, processing, or transmitting cardholder data on behalf of other merchants or service providers. For example, an ISP is a merchant that accepts payment cards for monthly billing, but also is a service provider if it hosts merchants as customers.

Motorola has solutions to help you become PCI compliant. These solutions include the complete spectrum of mobile computing solutions need to run a PCI compliant retail store or supply chain to the store. The solution set includes rugged mobile computers of various form factors, high security, high speed wireless infrastructure, and RF Management software solutions to active monitor for rouge elements, and audit PCI compliance, and manage all the physical devices.

Motorola whitepaper – PCI Wireless Compliance Demystified Best Practices for Retail

For an overview on Payment Card Industry Security Standards and information on PCI Compliance:

https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/pdfs/pcissc_overview.pdfhttp://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/ or

Please contact your ScanTexas local area representative to determine if your current generation of mobile computing technology satisfies industry guidelines for wireless data security. Many mobile computers that are 5+ years in age do not have the newest security standards to be PCI Compliant. ScanTexas can help you implement PCI Compliant mobile computing systems.