The MS-890 is a heavy duty scanner with the flexibility to solve a multitude of applications under a variety of factory conditions. The extended read range and intelligent sweeping raster provide robust reading of both linear bar codes and stacked symbologies.

Versatility and rugged design make the MS-890 an ideal scanner for industrial applications.


Long Read Range:  The MS-890 optics were engineered for successful reading at extended or varying distances, such as a safety or clearance zone required around conveyor or assembly areas.

Visible Indicators:  Illuminated LEDs on the MS-890 provide instant visual confirmation of successful reads. A “good read green flash” is projected from the front window and is visible within a 360 degree radius from the scanner.

Optional Wiring Box:  The IB-890 wiring box provides easy and flexible integration, without any special cables or connectors.

Features include:

  • Ethernet (with optional MS-Connect 210)
  • Pluggable relay modules
  • Terminal strip connectivity
  • Connectivity with handheld scanners

Intelligent Raster:  The MS-890 features an intelligent raster which can be optimized for scan angle and speed to read multiple symbols or inconsistently placed labels.

The autocalibration feature automatically determines and selects optimal read settings for focus, gain and tracking.

Bar Code Programming:
  Changing scanner configuration on the factory floor is as simple as presenting a barcode and pushing the EZ button. This feature makes it simple to replicate settings on multiple MS-890 scanners.