The AutoCAD drawing was sent from the refrigerator manufacturer company BLDG 2. This project was to do a site survey on existing equipment already installed. Although LanPlanner is not predicting the coverage, it is still required to format the building properly. The building height was said to be 20 feet tall, 780′ in length and 200′ on far left side, 100′ in middle, 500′ on right side in width.

After the the AutoCAD drawing was inserted into LanPlanner software, LanPlanner will format the building. The format process consist of telling LanPlanner from the original drawing what type of obstruction is in the building and what the obstruction is made of and the height of the obstruction.

After the format process, the customer gave specific details of each existing AP already mounted. The 14 Cisco 1200 Access Ports placed roughly 18′ from the ceiling. The Access Port channels were unknown and power setting for each AP was said to be 10dBm.

There was not a prediction made in LanPlanner because the customer is only wanting to see the RF coverage in the facility. Only a few areas were measured before it was concluded that there was to many AP’s throughout the facility causing roaming issues as well as channels overlapping each other.

Refrigerator Manufacturer Company 14 AP's BLDG2 FS

Refrigerator Manufacturer Company Layout BLDG2 FS

Refrigerator Manufacturer Company Measurement BLDG2 FS