RFID for Tool Tracking

What is a RFID Tool Tracker? Xerafy has developed a unique range of rugged RFID tagging solutions, built on overcoming several challenges of traditional RFID technology relating to Tool Management when it comes to metal interference, harsh environments, and long-range read distance requirements.

Benefits of RFID for Tool Tracking:

FOD Prevention: Locate lost tools by providing visibility into tool usage and potentially identifying the last known location of the tools.

Productivity: Analyze tool management processes and identify any inefficiencies, challenges, or pain points that are affecting operations.

Analytics: Assess tool inventory and usage, allowing to identify any gaps or shortages in tools and make informed decisions about the need for additional tools

Visibility: Offer visibility into the last known location or usage of tools, enabling companies to track and monitor tool movements, and have a record of when a tool was last seen.

Maintenance: Evaluate the condition and usage of tools, allowing to assess if any tools are damaged, require calibration, and make informed decisions on whether replacements are needed.

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