RFID4U Software Solutions

ScanTexas is partnering with RFID4U to provide a complete set of RFID solutions. These solutions range from an RFID starter kit focused on inventory, progressing up to Enterprise solutions to automate numerous business processes such as shipping. Are you interested in cutting your inventory time by 60% to 90%?  Are you interested in error free shipping at your dock doors? If so, let’s have a conversation to see if RFID is a fit for you. Just as in the early 80s when I first got into barcoding, we are still at the why barcoding stage. This is where we are at with RFID right now. After a few more years, and further tag cost reduction, and more mandates, we will move beyond the why phase to the what do we use and how do we use stage.

Tagmatiks AT Lite is a great starter solution to test RFID for inventory.  https://www.tagmatiksatlite.com/  will provide more information. Track up to 100 assets for free, and track up to 5000 assets for $2000.

Tagmatiks AT Enterprise is a complete solution that integrates with your ERP solution to use RFID to automate existing barcode processes.  Please see https://rfid4u.com/tagmatiks-asset-tracking/ for more information.

Contact Mark@scantexas.com to discuss your specific RFID needs and we can calculate your RFID ROI.

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