You Already Know That SAP/Zebra Makes The Best Business Software/Barcode Hardware, But You May Not Know That ScanTexas Software Solutions Makes It Even Better.


SAP Software + Zebra Barcode Hardware + ScanTexas software = Your Win

If your company depends on SAP software to run your manufacturing, warehousing and/or financial operations, you’re already aware that it’s in a class by itself.

But you may not be aware that SAP software combined with Zebra Technologies’ state-of-the-art barcode scanners can significantly improve your mobile transaction and label-printing processes, without IT involvement.

And here are just four of Scan Texas’s new state-of-the-art SAP software solutions that allow you to do more:

  • Moviynt’s SAP enterprise mobile computer platform software solution. A development platform integrated directly into SAP, no middleware, that allows users to design their own mobile applications.  Add signatures, GPS, pictures to your SAP transactions, and work even when wifi or cellular is not available. Automate your current SAP transactions with a graphical interface.
  • NiceLabel’s label printing & design software. Design and print barcode labels faster with NiceLabel, which seamlessly integrates with SAP and delivers a true “see-before-you-print” experience. Even better, it comes with an easy-to-use WYTSIWYG interface that makes editing a snap!
  • StayLinked all-touch telnet conversion software. Isn’t it time you transformed your old green screens into beautiful, easy-to-read GUI screens? Think of the time and rework you’ll save with buttons, instead of keystrokes! Enrich the user experience with redesigned transaction screens.
  • Ivanti  Velocity can interface to your existing SAP System without the need to migrate or modify the host application.  Ivanti helps you bring the familiar, multi-touch experience of today’s personal devices into the mission-critical apps that drive your business, you accelerate task-screen navigation and enable your workforce to enter data more quickly and accurately.

That’s right… Scan Texas’s SAP-compatible software with image and signature enabled transactions, hybrid online/offline availability, enhanced scanning processes, and mobile printing capabilities will improve all of your SAP warehouse transactions deliver the ease and accuracy you’re looking need.

“Soti and Ivanti both provide solutions to manage and control your Zebra devices to ensure they are ready to run SAP transactions smoothly. A Mobile Device Management Solution makes the entire device lifecycle much easier, from initial deployment, through software and security updates, the whole way to the end of useful life StayLinked also provides a solution to track how many times, and how hard Zebra devices are being dropped. Contact ScanTexas for more information on how these management solutions keep your SAP mobile computers running at top speed, and secure.”

And be sure to check out our Moviynt, NiceLabelIvanti, and Staylinked demos so you can see the difference yourself! 

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