ScanTexas Austin Roadshow 2023

We’ll be sharing the inside secrets to unlocking new automated efficiency and better inventory accuracy by adding RFID capabilities to your barcoding systems.

RFID Technology Insights:
• How to combine RFID with your existing barcoding systems to improve productivity, increase efficiency and address labor shortages.
• How to use barcoding and RFID together to better automate your inventory management and other processes.
• How RFID can help you ensure compliance with the latest government and supplier requirements.
• How RFID works, how much it costs, how you can implement it to create huge savings in time, labor and cost.

Strategies to save time, labor and cost:
• How new innovations in RFID and mobile technologies are helping businesses like yours get more done, in less time, with less labor and cost.
• How to boost your workforce efficiency with rugged Android touchscreen and wearable technologies that help automate tasks and reduce process steps.
• How to take advantage of new device form factors, screen sizes and designs.
• How to trade in your old hardware and get big rebates toward updates on the newest Zebra solutions.

You’ll learn about RFID as well as the latest mobile computing and wearable technologies; moreover, you’ll get a chance to enjoy free food and drinks and take in the spectacular sunset at one of the world’s most scenic restaurants. This fun-filled and educational event will take place at The Oasis on Lake Travis on May 24th.

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