Customized Technology Designed to Address Your Industry’s Greatest Challenges

Today more than ever, companies in almost every industry are looking for barcoding hardware and software to help them improve operational efficiencies, comply with governmental regulations, keep track of their valuable assets, and more. Their specific challenges, needs, and requirements, however, are unique to their industry.

In fact, the vast majority of our new clients know exactly “what” needs to be done, but they’re less certain about “how” to make that happen.

But that’s where we come in.

You see, for over 19 years Scan Texas has provided US businesses in numerous industries up-to-the-minute barcoding hardware, software, accessories and services that have helped them work more efficiently and effectively and keep pace with their competitors. Our world-class team of engineers and technicians, as well as our equipment partners, mean that we’re the only barcoding company our clients will ever need!

Simply put, when it comes to barcoding, we do it all. Here are just some of the industry solutions we offer:

Manufacturing Zebra ZT610 Printer With DS3608 Scanner

If your company is in the manufacturing sector, you’re looking for solutions that help identify products, print labels, scan inventory, and pick/put away and ship products. Your business may also benefit from handheld mobile computers and wireless infrastructure. 

To that end, we offer a full array of products, software, and services such as:Zebra TC8000 Rugged Mobile Computer

  • All Touch Mobile Computers (eg. Tilted display TC8000, TC70, TC51)
  • Barcode labels, printers (e.g. ZT610, ZT510) and software
  • Handheld and fixed barcode scanners (e.g. DS2208, DS8108, DE3608, DS3678)
  • Wearable computers such as Zebra’s WT6000 wearable solution
  • Scan-Texas designed Ruckus wireless infrastructure (provides high speed and reliability and guaranteed coverage)
  • Mobile device management (Zebra OVS/AVS)
  • Powered carts from Newcastle Systems improve flexible manufacturing processes with workstation mobility

Solutions To Automate Management Of Critical Assets, Such As Mobile Computers And Tablets

The intelligent, self-service, cloud-based lockers automate management of critical assets, which could include handheld scanners, tablets, smartphones, and radio headsets.  The Apex Trajectior Cloud, which is the brains behind each locker, records who took what, when and where.

Scan Texas Introduces Apex Lockers

Scan Texas Introduces Apex Lockers








Scan Texas is proud to offer total solutions that address warehouse operations managers’ biggest challenges, related to picking/putting away, inventorying, shipping products, computing and more. These include – but are not limited Newcastle powered carts provide tremendous powered process – hardware and software such as:

  • Zebra’s VC80 forklift computer or ET50 tablet for forklift operations
  • Zebra’s ZQ520 mobile printer for footstep reduction
  • Wearable WT6000 for picking
  • Shipping label printers (e.g. Zebra ZT410)
  • Ruckus wireless infrastructure (designed by Scan Texas)
  • Inventory control software (e.g. Data Collection Center, Trinity, and FlowTrac)
  • Powered carts from Newcastle Systems improves receiving by bringing label printing to the pallet at the dock – improves dock to stock timesScanTexas Tamograph Wireless Design After Add On
  • Computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Identification and access control – Create high-quality photo IDs for staff and visitors

Warehouse Mobile Computing Technology Refresh

Aging equipment can result in declining productivity, downtime, and increasing repair costs because as currentZebra TC8000 equipment ages, companies often experience more downtime due to equipment failures and high repair costs. Even worse, old wireless security issues require usually need unsupported equipment.

These are just some of the reasons that upgrading older batch data collection systems to wireless and replacing old wireless systems’ technology is critically important.  That’s why Scan Texas offers hardware, software, and systems designed to:

  • Improve productivity 10% or more with new tilted screen TC8000ScanTexas All Touch Telnet Solutions
  • Reduce labor costs with more readable data entry screens
  • Enhance data security
  • Boost profits
  • Decrease costly shipping errors
  • Improve customer satisfaction

In truth, wireless systems have become mission-critical for warehouse applications such as shipping, receiving, put away/picking, and inventory control. By partnering with leading wireless technology manufacturers like Zebra Technologies, ScanTexas can streamline your warehouse operations and bring older wireless networks up to current standards.

Moreover, shipping processes require that individual product boxes all need separate labels – something that companies have struggled with for years.  In other words, no label-no revenue.  But Zebra Technologies’ new line of printers are more reliable and faster than ever, which greatly improves shipping dock productivity. Even better, improved mobile printing technologies reduce the number of footsteps required in put-away and other shipping processes. Zebra also provides emulations for both Intermec and Datamax printer control languages.

And you can take advantage of our trade-in programs to maximize your investment in old technology as you migrate to the newer technology!

So, please contact us by phone (469.416.3345) or by emailing us using the contact form on this page, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and/or provide you with more information about how a technology refresh can help your company achieve a more productive mobile warehouse experience.  

Additionally, our industry experts are ready to demonstrate the latest Motorola mobile computers live on your network using your existing telnet connection.