At Ford, Quality is Now Problem Number One

As an owner of a Ford Expedition that has been in the shop over 3 months waiting on parts and recall parts, I share the frustration that Ford has with over 6,000,000 recalls this year.  That has them with more recalls than the next 4 offenders on the list put together.  What will Ford do […]

ScanTexas FIS

This video describes how ScanTexas can help you improve quality manufacturing and distribution processes with Zebra fixed industrial scanning solutions. These solutions not only scan barcodes but apply machine vision tools to verify manufacturing quality. Email for more info.

Zebra introduces OCR decoding capability for their machine vision solutions.

Zebra has just introduced OCR decoding capability to their fixed scanning and machine vision product line.  Zebra has made considerable investments in the fixed scanning and machine vision space, and this is a long awaited addition to the product line.  Here are two samples of the OCR capability out of the box without any tweaking.  […]

Zebra will acquire Matrox Imaging.

Zebra Technologies to Acquire Matrox Imaging, Broadening Its Portfolio of Machine Vision Solutions. Zebra Technologies, an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced it intends to acquire Matrox Imaging (Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.), a proven developer of advanced machine vision components and systems. This acquisition further […]