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The Advantages of Certified Printer Supplies

Printer Supplies

Sometimes productivity is driven by big picture strategy or long-range planning. Other times, it’s the little things that make a big difference in how well your business functions. In fact, when it comes to ensuring the productivity of your warehouse, distribution, or manufacturing operations, you probably already understand how you can never afford to overlook the little things.

One of the “little things” we like to help our customers focus on is printer supplies. Now, we fully understand that you probably won’t spend much time discussing things like labels, thermal printer ribbons, RFID tags, or card overlays at the next executive leadership meeting, but we know how important they are to your bottom-line results. That’s because the quality of your printer supplies impacts everything from operational efficiency to printhead lifespan. Reliable, high-quality supplies will keep your workflows humming, reduce productivity-sapping jams, and prevent expensive breakdowns.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the quality of your printer supplies is to stick with certified supplies from a leading printer manufacturer like Zebra Technologies. Here are just three advantages that our customers gain when they use Zebra’s certified supplies.

Warehouse Worker

Consistent Quality
Zebra has decades of experience in the thermal printer marketplace. All of the raw materials, conversion processes, inks, varnishes, tools, and equipment they use are optimized for thermal printing. It’s an all-encompassing ecosystem that unites the best printers with the best supplies— exactly the sort of approach you would expect from a company that has more than 30 years of industry leadership in thermal printing technology.

Performance Testing
Every Zebra printer product is rigorously tested to ensure premium performance and consistency. Test parameters include variables like image abrasion and durability, adhesion strength on various materials, performance at extreme temperatures, material tear strength, resistance to harsh chemicals, and the impact on printhead lifespan. If it impacts performance, output, or durability, you can be sure Zebra tests it to ensure maximum performance across the widest possible range of end-user applications.

Zebra’s certified printer supply options include more than 1,000 combinations of high-quality labels, tags, receipt paper, wristbands, RFID media, and ribbons. That means Zebra offers a reliable media solution for virtually any application, with no need to piece together solutions from different vendors. And, if you happen to have a unique need, Zebra can produce a custom-made solution that meets all of the same design, manufacturing, and testing standards as in-stock supplies.

The key takeaway is that nobody understands thermal printing supplies better than Zebra. So, no matter what the application, Zebra and Scan Texas can provide a high-performance solution that will help keep your business humming.

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