Zebra Workcloud Connect Comm used at Office Depot

“Technology is at the forefront of everything we do from an omnichannel perspective across the globe, and working with Zebra Technologies has been a game changer for us,” said Jonas Stillman, Senior Director, Omnichannel Operations, Office Depot. “We’ve become more efficient, achieving a 90% task completion rate, an increase of 42% since implementing Zebra’s integrated solutions. Zebra’s hardware and software have helped our stores execute at the next level and focus on what matters most: our customers.”

Zebra’s Workcloud Task Management software has helped Office Depot improve operational efficiency so its 13,000 store associates across 1,500 stores can spend more time serving customers. Store managers can prioritize and divide associate tasks, giving associates a clear overview of what they need to do, what they completed, and what’s next on their task lists – all from the palm of their hands. Scheduling, tasks, and reporting have helped associates to be more efficient while field leaders have access to clear real-time reporting along with compliance and completion rates, enabling them to highlight areas of success and improvement across stores.

Office Depot is also using Zebra’s Workcloud Scheduling software to bolster store managers’ capacity to streamline scheduling to ensure associates with the right skills are available to serve customers at the right time while aligning with store labor budgets. Using this solution, Office Depot has reduced overtime costs by 95%, lowered time spent scheduling from approximately three hours to 30 minutes a week and saved 6% in payroll annually.

Zebra’s TC5x series of mobile computers were integrated with Zebra’s Workcloud software providing Office Depot a simple, streamlined way to plan and manage work. Since the deployment, they have become the cornerstone of Office Depot’s operations. “Office Depot sets a great example for retailers on how to work in new ways with technology to do more, faster and better while keeping customers at the center of it all”, said Matthew Guiste, Global Retail Strategy Lead, Zebra Technologies.

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