About ScanTexas

ScanTexas is a privately held company based in Lucas, Texas. The business was founded in 1999 by CEO, Mary Alyn and president, Mark Alyn to provide state-of-the-art mobile computing, data collection hardware, software, and support services. We help customers collect data faster and more accurately to streamline their operations and boost profits.

Today, we are a leading provider of data collection solutions for businesses all across the US. Our team of data collection experts works with companies in a wide range of industries, including warehouse distribution, retailing, healthcare, and many others.

We are committed to being a one-stop resource for companies of all sizes that need trusted, objective, and professional advice on how to work smarter and gain competitive advantages in today’s competitive marketplace.


Our Team

Corey Sharek

Outside Sales Manager

214-383-5091 x701

Mark Alyn

Outside Sales Manager

214-383-5091 x700

Mike Rovira

Outside Sales Manager

214-383-5091 x702

Kevin Mastrian

Kevin Mastrian

Outside Sales Manager

214-383-5091 x707

Linda Allen

Inside Sales Manager

214-383-5091 x703

Mary Alyn

Chief Executive Officer

214-383-5091 x706

Pam Sharek

Service Contracts Coordinator

214-383-5091 x705

Christian Gadd

Technical Support Manager

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us by phone at 214-383-5091 or email if you have questions about our company, or products, or our services. We answer all inquiries within 24 hours or less—guaranteed!